Born and raised on the south side of Columbus, Shannon Hardin is eager to build a better city by improving neighborhood safety, investing in our infrastructure and transportation, increasing economic opportunity for all, and reducing racial disparities.

Public Safety
  • Support innovative strategies for diverse police recruitment to reflect the rich diversity of our city.
  • Advocate for community policing to develop a trusting relationship between police officers and the residents they serve.
  • Create and expand evidence-based, community-led violence intervention programs such as the APPS program (Applications for Purpose Pride and Success).
  • Invest in public infrastructure to lay more sidewalks, increase the number of bike lanes, and improve our streets.
  • Push efforts to create a public transportation system that can handle Columbus’s projected population growth.
  • Champion affordable in-fill development, i.e. building upon vacant land in our neighborhoods, to create the ridership needed for a robust public transportation system.
  • Drive the Smart Cities initiative forward by integrating smart technology with our public transportation system, increasing electric car utilization, testing autonomous vehicles, and much more.
Bottom-Up Economic Development
  • Collaborate with partner organizations to provide low-cost training to small businesses.
  • Further the city’s partnerships with lenders that offer loans, small and large, to Columbus businesses that might be unable to gain capital through traditional institutions.
  • Empower the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to assist minority and women-owned small businesses by requiring that a percentage of government contracts be reserved for disadvantaged businesses.
Reducing Racial Disparities
  • Convene a city-wide, coordinated effort to bridge opportunity gaps between young men of color and the community at-large.
  • Bring together public, private, and nonprofit actors around mentoring, violence intervention, and workforce development in order to improve outcomes for our young people.
  • Support anti-recidivism programs for previously incarcerated individuals and decrease penalties for non-violent offenses.


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